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Spoonie Radio

Spoonie Radio is a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Podcast highlighting effective treatment strategies as well as insight from clinicians, researchers, & advocates. Each show focuses on evidenced-based, practical information to spread hope and understanding about an otherwise invisible illness. This show is brought to you by Dr. Courtney Craig, recovered CFS patient, clinician, and creator of

Nov 12, 2019

11.12.19  Ever thought to crowd source your chronic condition? In episode 17, I sit down with Evan Golub & Nicole Krinick, founders of WANA--a new app that fosters hope, direction, & healing for those with chronic, invisible illness. Hear how a dating app and a diagnosis of Lyme brought these two together to build a community-driven platform to connect patients suffering with otherwise isolating conditions.

Download WANA here